Research that has made it out of the academic bubble

My recent work on the energetics of chewing in humans and human evolution, was widely featured in major news outlets. I was also featured in podcasts such as these examples from the Scientific American and Science.

My PNAS paper on nest building in orangutans was internationally reported on, generating a large degree of media attention. Eaxamples of which include the BBC and National Geographic websites.

My paper on the efficacy of dental microwear to record hard object feeding was picked up by several news outlets, including the Mail Online.

The unexpected discovery of gorilla hard object feeding, attracted considerable media attention, examples include Atlas Obscura and the Salon.

My work that compared the mechanical properties of chimpanzee foods in both the forest and savannah habitats was picked up by

My work on sea otter enamel was reported on in the media, both popular science formats and in the mainstream British press

My paper on sonation in the common snipe attracted media attention and was the focus of a BBC Science and Nature article.